Sunday, January 30, 2005

Hermon at work Posted by Hello

The Coolest of Artisans

Let me introduce you to Hermon, who is a US Virgin Islands native son. He is a naturalist, as well as an accomplished artisan, hand crafting original carvings in Lignum Vitae for both jewelry and larger art pieces. Hermon, you are the best; thank you for your friendship and art. The Bagman
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Sarah and Me at Christmas Cove

This is Sarah and me at Christmas Cove in the the USVI; it was so named by Christopher Columbus in 1493, when he anchored here on Christmas Day. Sarah is my youngest daughter and is embarked on a medical career. I think I'll be making a wedding trip for her also in the foreseeable future. Like Dano would say, "sweet!".
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The Boys at Sylvan Drive, Bigfork, MT

Here is a really great bunch of guys! I'm so very proud of them.
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Josh amidst Mountianview clippings

Josh I miss you , dad.
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It was such a fun day.

It was such a fun day this picture was taken; I loved you then and I love you now. It is such a good thing to know we'll see each other again, when time is no more. dad
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Bush is driving me crazy

I can't remember being so upset about the way our country's leadership uses doublespeak to rewrite it's own history. They are using the media as a propaganda tool in a sort of brainwashing of the public. I can't understand why people can be so unthinking and just knee-jerk, sound bite reactive. It really seems that so many folks just don't examine things critically. Some of the most intelligent and thougthful people have quit the Bush administration and talked about the lack of true planning and consensus building. George W. Bush, you are an embarrassment to me as a president.

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Cinnamon BAy, north shore USVI

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