Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Insurance Companies in Control

On 9/27/2009 we saw what happens when the primary concern of decision makers is corporate profits. Insurance companies are the only beneficiaries of the actions of the Senate Finance Committee.
This just highlights the problem of the current debate, one that we set out to change three weeks ago: the focus should be on providing medical care to keep everyone healthy, not how to expand insurance schemes.
Join us tomorrow (Sep. 30th) in California or Washington for two major events
• 3pm at McPherson Square (15th St NW and K Street)
• 4pm at Lafayette Square Park in front of the White House
Los Angeles:
• 6pm-8pm at the NW corner of Hollywood & Highland
More details at: https://madashelldoctorstour.com/Home_Page.html
We may not have another opportunity like this in our lifetime.
We must replace our current pay-or-die system and with a comprehensive, publicly financed, privately delivered, Single Payer system that puts people first.
Our moment to take a stand for Single Payer is NOW.
Get Mad, Stay Mad, Make History,
The Doctors

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