Monday, November 30, 2009

I'm Mad as Hell. Thank you Kim

Thank you Kim. I write this because I'm mad as hell. I'm with the Mad as Hell Doctors, who went to Washington D.C., in support of single payer health care for the U.S. I'm mad as hell at the Wall Street boys whose only concern is next quarter's profit report. And I'm really mad as hell at how the cash register politics our current crop of legislators and corporate-amerika have subverted the explicit intent of the founding fathers and pony up the current version as a faithful constitutional political system.

God, what a parody; it makes the Capitol Steps & The Onion look like kindergarten rehearsals. I'm mad as hell at what corporate-amerika is doing to our people and our jobs for the sake of the sacred quarterly reports and CEO bonuses; 10% of total corporate profits go to the top 5 executives of that corporation. At the same time the workers make less today than before Reagen began dismantling FDR's return to the founding fathers economic vision for America.

I'm mad as hell that people die every day because they have no health insurance, or can't meet the co-pays or some insurance twit sits in an office and denies a claim due to a fabricated "pre-existing" condition. All to save and improve the "bottom line".

I'm mad as hell that we're #1 in bombs, #1 planes, #1 in war, #2 in brains and #37 in health care (thank you Paul Hipp). Our babies die; our people lose their homes and discover street-level poverty because our health care system is worse than Andora's.

I'm mad as hell as hell that General McChrystal has the audacity to suggest that we need to send an additional of our fellow citizens to secure Afghanis-nam - for what? Our security? Give me a break. If we're so impotent at protecting our borders against all comers, what makes us think building the fence someplace in the Middle East will make us safer? Bin-Laden? Idiot Bush allowed the one clear opportunity to grab him, slip through his fingers, simply through inaction at the opportune moment - you can read about it. What did the Taliban ever do to us?

On Afghanis-nam: the U.S. lost the one time we really had to perhaps make a difference when the Russians admitted defeat, largely due to "Charlie Wilson's War". As mentioned at the end of the book, Wilson saw and understood the humanitarian needs we could fulfill as the Russians departed. But as soon as the perceived "cold war victory" and associated male breast pounding were done, Afghanistan and Bin Laden were forgotten until 9/11. And then idiot-Bush bungled our next best chance.

I'm just mad as hell. God dammit, we need those folks and the trillions of debt that idiot-Bush started the spending for, right here at home. We need those dollars for our infrastructure, health care, education and jobs. We need a whole lot of nation building right here at home.
God, we're so blind. Just look at how Denmark lives. Or Norway. Or Sweden. Or... or France who has the #1 health care delivery/results in the world.

When was the last time you read Patrick Henry's "The Rights of Man" and contextualized it for today. The way "we the people" are allowing the economic powerful to gain control of our nation today would have Paul Revere riding days and nights until he collapsed from exhaustion.

The "takers" are back and if we don't get mad as hell and quit pretending that somehow things will turn out OK, well then, perhaps you'll believe me when I tell you that the moon landing was just a Hollywood stunt, filmed in a back lot studio.

I'm mad as hell at you; my feckless fellow citizens for sitting like a bunch of frogs in the ever warming water. Have you so totally succumbed to the Orwellian and wandered into Huxley's drug-hazed “Brave new World" that you've forgotten the roots of this nation? And the price our founding fathers paid for the principles espoused in the Declaration and the Bill of Rights? Not to mention the Constitution?

We fill our minds like we fill our stomachs and do nothing more than sit – the boiling frog generation. The gen-boilers! Somehow thinking because we know a thing, then we've done all we need to do. But it's like so much of the garbage we put into our mouths and think it is nutrition for our bodies; until we discover too late that what we thought was "food" is really crap that just made us fat and started to feed the cancers, etc that are so endemic in our culture.

All the while, "we the people" scurry about mindlessly and faithfully follow the propaganda Madison Avenue spews at us. We've become like geese, with funnels down our throats, the corporate world eagerly awaiting the foie gras nickels we crap into their coffers. Like grease through a goose our gold flows into their off-shore, tax-evading accounts.

And we think we're happy - just look at us. The "Robber Barons" have returned. History demonstrates once again that it repeats itself; and the only fools are us, who fail to take its lessons - this is the third cycle for the U.S.

When are you going to get mad as hell? The social networks provide a great opportunity to promote a return to our constitutional roots as united citizens; but it means we'll have to expand our use of them to more than the martinis and lattes I spoke of earlier. It will take more souls the likes of Kim who sent me the tweet:

Watch it. Think about it. Think about our current situation. Understand how we got here and the thinking and ideas that got us here; and who promoted those ideas. Use your brains; they are there for more than ESPN and Twitter (both of which have their place - like maybe #38 & #39).

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