Sunday, December 18, 2011

Reflections from the Past re the 2011 NDAA

There was a time in my life that I was an M1 tank platoon sergeant(19K40) in the National Guard. Typical tank company organization then (and probably now) was made up of three tank platoons; each platoon having four M1 tanks. Normally an officer would lead the platoon, but in the absence of the lieutenant, the platoon sergeant was in charge. Since officers were usually in short supply then, the "plat-daddies" were in charge.

On the long nights of overwatch, waiting on firing lines, etc, the three platoon sergeants often discussed what we would do if the federal gov't asked us to take arms agains the civilian population of the U.S. Back then, there were rumors the Marines were conducting civilian crowd control. So we talked about it.

It was an unambiguous declaration between the platoon sergeants: the citizens would immediately have at their disposal 12 M1 tanks and crews. It was utterly unthinkable that we would use our training and equipment against the very civilians we pledged an oath to protect. We considered such an order, if it were to be issued, totally unlawful.

Passage of the 2011 NDAA bill, recalls those discussions and commitments. I sincerely hope there are still enough of those in uniform who will not allow themselves to be used as an illegitimate force against those to whom they've pledged to support and protect.

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