Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Countering the big money!

Dan McShane, Candidate for Whatcom County Council, Dist 1 

Endorsed by the Whatcom County Democrats 

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Dear friends,
Late last night my opponent filed her latest campaign report admitting that she received an unprecedented amount of money from a single source in this or any Whatcom County Council campaign: $20,000 from Nicholas Kaiser. She also reported a check for $3,750 from the Realtors. You'll read about this in tomorrow morning's Bellingham Herald.
This is disturbing. Money is starting to contaminate our local politics. We don’t know where the money is really coming from, but it’s wrong. We can’t let big money interests buy the Whatcom County Council. As the Bellingham Herald editorial said in endorsing me, “electing her…would be a mistake.”
I’m fighting back and I need your help!
First: we need to raise another $5,000 in the next five days to counter this effort to buy the County Council. We can do this with your help. Please go to our website to contribute securely online. Your contribution will send a message to special interests that the Whatcom County Council is not for sale!  I firmly believe that our farmland and water resources are worth protecting for all the people.
Second: if you can spare two hours of time, we can put you to work talking to voters either on the phone or at the door. Please send us an email at or call us at 360-647-3744 to find out how to sign up.
Dan McShane
P.S.: if you haven’t given yet, please consider giving. If you’ve already donated - thank you, and I hope you’ll consider making another contribution. Together we can make Whatcom County an even better place.

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