Thursday, October 08, 2009

Wanna Love Your Neighbor like Yourself? Watch, Listen and Act!

Every 12 minutes someone in this country dies because they don't have health insurance. The proposed plans in congress don't start until 2013. So, 2010 = 45k; 2011 = 45k; 2012 = 45k; 2013 = 45k. Gee, that's only 180,000 thousand peeps. Of course, if you're a rich congressional type, with great health insurance, I guess that's no concern of theirs, right?

This degree congressional indifference, on a moral level, simply beggars words. They sit on their K Street couches and are presented with bowls of grapes by health insurance lackies - grapes probably produced in some third world country at poverty-level wages, thank you NAFTA. Their eyelids fat from profiteering at the expense of our citizens health.

Get a grip "We the People" and take back the governance of your country. Get mad as hell for the sake of those too powerless and poor to help themselves.Refuse to "take it" anymore.

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