Thursday, May 24, 2007

For persons wondering why we transition?

"True, but for me, the pain of the fire was less than the pain of not being who I was meant to be. If the pain of fire/transition were greater - who would transition? I think(opinion) everyone begins with a large dose of 'hope' (R agrees). We 'hope' that our entire family and all our friends will welcome our transition with open arms. It's a little unrealistic perhaps, but I wonder if a person were certain that they would loose all friends and family, would they still take the plunge...would they still choose to walk through fire? (ponder, ponder...think, think, think...) I know that for me - in looking back at how I felt, how much emotional pain I felt - I still would have transitioned even if I was certain I'd loose everyone important to me. For me, it was like a choice of the lesser of two evils. It hurt less to become myself, than go on living a lie as somebody I knew I wasn't."

These are the words of a woman posted on the transsexual community boards I participate in. They express precisely and concisely how I feel about transitioning - they could be my words exactly. Here's the link: You'll not be able to access the registered inside boards, unless you've registered as a TS person; however, you will be able to get the drift of a lot of persons who eventually become members. R

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Tommy Lee said...

I feel for the person that has an internal battle that scews mainstream. But the battle isn't that simple is it? We all wage our own internal battles, and long for acceptance in that battle. i bet hitler waged a battle within his soul... was his way socially acceptable? no, and why not? why is it NOT ok for hitler to kill 6 million jews, yet its OK for the usa to kill over 30 million unborn babies since '73? whos gunna man the B2 bombers for those kids, whos gunna call out the swat team for the defensless unborn in our women's wombs? huh? you hear me?? problems?? you all better be happy and selfish enuff to appreciate a doctor than can turn you into someone else. All I gotta do is be an ilegal allien to escape my problems...not... suck it up TROOP Angry? yes I am, wheres the justice in it all? anyways