Wednesday, May 16, 2007

My Kids and Ex- Wife Colleen Are Reading This Blog - Woohoo!

This is a very good thing. It means that there is communication of sorts taking place, which is a definite improvement over the prior situation - no communication. It is so important for all of us to be able to discuss really important things within a family, without judgement and in love; I sincerely trust this is the case now.

I understand how huge the "loss" of a parent is within the transsexual paradigm to the children and spouse; but the "real" person is still there and it is only the cultural imprinting that makes the adjustment so terribly difficult. I am quite sensitive to that difficulty and only wish to keep an open dialoge with my family that is intended towards acceptance and understanding, based on God's love and forgiveness. This space is always open to the comments of any family member; and especially my kids. My only request is that any remarks are within these "Jesus parameters": love your neighbor as yourself, judge not that you might not be judged and "...wanna cast the first stone?" Hugs, R


Daggen said...

How typical that when invited to communicate with you, it's on your terms and with parameters that dissallow the most important aspect of the disagreement with how you are further removing yourself as a father figure in your children's life.

I put God first in my life. That means living my whole life according to His Word, not picking and choosing certain Bible truth and ignoring the rest so that my "Biblical World View" fits into my socialogical state as described by the wanton self-professed experts of WikiPedia. I fail to see how what you are doing and how you choose to live your life furthers the Kingdom of God and brings joy to him. All I see is destruction of a family unit and immense pain and hurt from both sides of the fence. The ultimate question is how both sides of the fence deal with this situation and what will the ramifications of those actions be we pass on to eternity?

Alcoholics can be born alcoholics and they can struggle with that their entire life - it does not give them justification that since they were "born" that way that God will give his blessing on them fully endorsing an alcoholics lifestyle and damaging their family and friends in the process.

You ask yourself why do my kids not accept me, don't they understand why this is hard for me too? We ask God why our Dad is doing this too us, Doesn't he see the pain he is inflicting on us? Why would a Father do that to his family.... If Jesus was an example to us, do you think He would have ever put his children though something like this?

Thankfully, God has told us that those of us without earthly fathers need not be filled with sorrow, but instead to lean on him, our True Father. Unless circumstances change incredibly, this will be how I spend the rest of my days on earth, learning and leaning on my Heavenly Father as my earthly father as lost the priviledge of having the role as my earthly father.

Rebekah said...

Quote "How typical that when invited to communicate with you, it's on your terms and with parameters that dissallow..." but the terms and parameters are not mine, but Jesus'.

Quote: "If Jesus was an example to us, do you think He would have ever put his children though something like this?" Well, Jesus put his children (of Israel) through the diaspora, starting with the temple destruction of 70 AD. It was because they would not accept the truths that he spoke. I suggest that the main problem my kids are having, rises from my too strict fundamentalist upbringing and the associated cultural imprinting.

I fully acknowledge how hard this is for you kids; have you considered how hard this might be for me? That is not meant to shift the discussion from your pain, but just to acknowledge that there is considerable pain for all of us. Hugs, R

Zoe Brain said...

When I feel hard-done-by, I look at a blog like this one, by a woman who has more problems than any of us.

I won't comment further, it's not my business to.

Can I please though express my good wishes to everybody? I know that and $2 will buy a cup of coffee, but they're still there.

Rebekah said...

Thanks, Zoe. R